Monday, August 27, 2012

Work in Progress weekend

Recently, on any given day one could come to my happy little townhouse here in Flagstaff at 3:00am and  find me plugging away in preparation for my 3 upcoming Fall Shows: Tinsel and Treasures, Halloween and Vine, and  Glitterfest!

My studio in the wee hours. Just me, my clay and some tunes on the IPhone.

I am mostly still in my "sculpting phase" of the process.

For efficiency's sake I will sculpt a collection of work, let the pieces dry for days, and the proceed to my gessoing and finishing process.
Here's a small sample of this year's Halloween Collection, still waiting for paint!

With the countdown clocking ticking away to my first Fall show in less than 3 weeks, wish me luck in getting it all finished in time!


Holly Loves Art said...

How wonderful! I see some very "spooky" little characters that are sure to fly off of your tables!

Elma said...

OH I want to have the owl!!!Best of luck! I am sure all will sell:)How about comming to Ghoultide???

Amber Leilani said...

i was just thinking i hadn't seen you post anything new on flickr in a while ...but it looks like you are busy busy busy!! good luck at all the shows!! i love all the new halloween pieces!!!