Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whirlwind weekend

What a wonderful day of teaching at Whimzy in beautiful Tustin, California. And the group of wonderful women that took the class did an excellent job at creating their lovely bluebird boxes (pictures coming soon!). After a fun day of teaching and long night of catching up on overdue sleep, I got up early to spend the day doing a little flea market shopping at the world famous Rose Bowl Market.

When I go flea marketing, I am always on the prowl for old books (my inner librarian must have her way). Amongst the many delightful finds, I came across this coincidentally cute book created in 1914 by Thorton Burgess: Jerry Muskrat Wins Respect.

I say coincidently, because just a few days before, I put the finishing touches on this friendly frog fellow.... (based upon the old folk tale, a Frog He Would a Wooing Go). Do you see a sort of resemblance? I think these guys look related (even down to the red shoes)!

Mr. Froggy was listed on PFATT earlier this month and soon will be happily hopping his way across the country to live with a lovely customer. But in honor of day, I will have two other Valentine's inspired creations, beginning January 13th on Spookytime Jingles.
Dish and Spoon in Love

Spooky Love

I'll be back in a couple of days and have lots more to share about my classes, my flea market frenzy as well as some recent favorite finds :-)


Alessandra Loiacono said...

Oh my Gosh Jenny, the frog and the "Valentine inspired" are oh, so cute!! I loved it!!
You are such an amazing artist and I cannot wait to take one of your classes, hopefully soon!! :)
Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I could not be more in love than I am with the skeleton couple. I think my favorite yet. I would definitely take that class at Mystic Paper!! (And I couldn't have been sadder than when I learned your next class there is March 5 - I'd already signed up for the KC Willis class :-( Next time!) Karen M.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

What a coincidence with the frogs...yours and the book illustration are adorable! Lucky duck to hit the Rose Bowl Flea!