Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am a horrible blogger

warning.... long, kind of personal post ahead (mostly rant free)

I am really bad at this juggling everything bit. I don't know how so many women do it. One of my favorite food bloggers posts daily and she is a physician. Too which I say WOW! I, on the other hand, can't seem to post monthly lately. I am in my second semester of graduate school now and since I got my bachelors in '98, I had since forgotten how much work school is. And work is work too.. since getting laid off in 2008, I have had a few job transitions, and at the moment I have two part time jobs and one consulting position that takes up well over 40 hours a week. My family seems to think I should be making dinners, doing laundry and grocery shopping too..... Hope this post doesn't sound whiny, because I really like my work, I really like school and I really really love my family. I even like doing laundry! Deep inside of me lives a domestic sort of person that has always romanticized homemaking and housekeeping. I have the cookbook collection to prove it! I like blogging too, I like doing lots of stuff...I am just not so good at making time for it.

Do you ever go through those periods where you question your priorities? With a newfound jogging habit dangerously close to being back-burnered and a stack of overdue library books on "time management" that I haven't found time to read, I have had a few thoughts lately of putting away the clay and taking a sort of hiatus from doll-making. I think I am probably clay addicted so that's not likely to really happen. So I hope it's okay with those still reading if I pop in and post when I can. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.

I have managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of pixie making though. In fact lots of Pixie making for Glitterfest this weekend in Santa Ana, California.

I really fell in love with these guys while I was making them. I was going to make the pumpkin man a pumpkin girlfriend, but for some reason, only a pickle shaped girl was able fit just right next to him. I imagine that they both like each other very much, he's got the arm around her so it must be the 3rd or fourth date. And she's taller, that's why he wore the top hat.

This is what too many late nights of studying does to your brain. Thanks for hanging in here with me. Come see me on Saturday here if you're nearby :-).