Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farewell Fern Cottage

(Above is our home back in 1916. I nicknamed it Fern Cottage, after the little girl standing on the front porch with her mom.)

So much as happened since my last post it's hard to know where to begin...

Last fall, Mr. Polka Dot Pixie was assigned to a new duty station over 35 miles away. Because he has a crazy police schedule, he was no longer able to come home for a meal with us regularly (an important ritual in our family). Also, with the insane winter storms, there were times that he wasn't able to make the commute home at night at all. Adding to that, our kids have become teenagers, and the opportunities for safe and supervised activities for youth in our current community are becoming even more scarce thanks to cutbacks to local recreation programs and the like. Our local schools are also taking a hit and programs for my artistically gifted daughter and musically gifted son (no drama club, no band at the local high school) are almost non existent. We made a pro and con list, and decided that, despite how much we love our house, the best decision for our family was to make a move, closer to DH's work and to a community that provides more opportunities for our kids. And so, with mixed emotions, we are saying goodbye to our sweet Victorian cottage....

A lovely couple has agreed to lease our home and hopes to purchase it by summer's end. In the meanwhile, we will be renting a cozy modern condo in our new town, Flagstaff! For those of you not familiar with Flagstaff, it is an active college town, surrounded by forest and mountains. Our townhouse is right in the heart, and we look forward to being able to walk (or use public transportation! something our former community didn't have!) to get just about anywhere! I am excited about being able to attend First Friday ArtWalks, watch Movies on the Square, and enjoy a play at the university every once in awhile. Adding to our "pro" list, our daughter was accepted into a performing and visual arts high school in our new community, and I know it will be the beginning of exciting opportunities for her!

It'll take some adapting (we haven't rented since we were first married... can you paint your walls in a rental?) and I can't help feeling some sadness as I sweep out dusty corners of our sweet old place for the last time. Also, moving stinks :-P

Busy busy....All of this happens during another job change for myself and in between the fabulous Art Opera (pics coming soon!) that I was blessed to teach at a couple of weeks back, and the upcoming Mystic Paper class I am teaching in a few weeks and Glitterfest that I will be vending at in less than a month!

So lots and lots of changes! Thanks again for bearing with me and my infrequent posts as I adapt. I do have some exciting news coming up regarding new products, icluding much asked for kits and online sculpting classes. Look for an announcement in about a month (once the moving dust has settled). In the meanwhile, please enjoy these photos of a few corners of my (now former) home sweet home.... I'll post some shots of the new place once it feels more like home... And if you are in the Southern California area, please come see me at Glitterfest! I could use a hug!

Goodbye cute kitchen!
So long blue bathroom....

Farewell movie theater room, music room and dining room :-(

I'll check back in a few weeks everyone.... ((((hugs)))))