Monday, October 12, 2009

Work/Life/Business/Balance and Beyond

Fall is definitely in the air here. My giant (silver leaf maple?) tree in the front is just about finished putting on her golden costume. I snapped this pic while saying goodbye to the last of the shady green leafiness that I have enjoyed all summer.

Change is in the air too! I recently was delighted to receive a letter in the mail confirming my acceptance into graduate school, and beginning in mid January, I will will be pursuing my Master's degree. I am not sure yet how much this will affect my full time job ( but I am anticipating a huge change with that as well, which I will share when I am able) and I am determined to continue to maintain, and perhaps even grow The Polka Dot Pixie buy adding more pieces to my line, pursing more wholesale accounts and creating more workshops so that I can share my love of paperclay sculpting! In short, I plan to spend the next few years pursing my passions and and focusing more on my family, as the kids are growing so quickly and before I know it, will be up and out of the house, pursuing their own dreams!

In the meanwhile, life has gotten incredibly busy... but all happy busy. And have been taking advantage of some of the wonderful time management tools and advice that I found while surfing around (hooray for Google Calendar!!!). I have been a long time believer in menu planning, and now more than ever, I need it t help balance my schedule and bring some order in what can be a very chaotic life. To keep inspired, I jumping on the Menu Planning Monday bandwagon!

I hoping this will keep me both organized, and accountable for cooking more at home, and I know the planning will help me make more time for sculpting! I will need it as the Christmas orders and craft fairs are already underway and time is so limited.

If you are a busy mom, have a hectic schedule, or need some quick meal ideas while your crafty schedule fills up, I encourage you to visit Organizing Junkie's website to get some yummy inspiration.

The post below is my plan for the week....


Karin said...

I was just at Paper Tales today and saw the picture of your work on the classes shelf....yay! Do you have a date yet? I'll be the first to sign up!

vivian said...

Congrats on the grad school acceptance! what will you be studying?
I meal plan every week, and then make my grocery list accordingly. I've done that since my kids were babies. I love looking through cook books and magazines for recipes and making my grocery list from them.
have fun!

The Jeweled Postcard said...

Congrats is in order! Yes, what will you be studying? I myself so need to get organized :( I retired last June and for the 1st time in my life I am one of those un-organized people and I'm going nuts! My work area is just a disaster! So I'm off to visit that site you mentioned. Wish I could take one of your classes.

Unknown said...

Congrats on grad school...that is so great!! I understand the whole balancing act, I too am dealing with that. Hang in there, lean on your support team and enjoy the journey :) Happy day

Rebecca said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. It sounds like you really have a fabulous plan. :)

And I know, I know, my sweet Pixie is way overdue for her trip to the Fairie Hospital but things have been crazy for me lately.

PS - LOVE Mother Goose!

Prancing Pixie Studio said...

Your Mother Goose is PERFECT...If I was a kid I would so want her to tell me stories!
I hope your transition back to student is a smooth one. I bet the menu planning will be a big help. I have never been able to stick to anything like that. Dinner time is too jumbled around here. No one ever wants to eat the same thing or at the same time. I could do that with breakfast though!

Anonymous said...

That is exciting news about grad school. It makes me happy when people can pursue dreams...isn't that what they are for?