Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Office decor

I am super fortunate that my workplace allowed me to decorate my cubicle space as seen in this post . A month or so after that post, I was able to move into an available office... I wasted no time in dressing it up...

The view right as you walk in the door... vintage tablecloths tacked to the wall add some coziness. I want to slipcover those chairs!!!

The hutch on my desk.. forgive the mess. I prefer the little vintage lamp light to the overhead fluorescents. You'll notice one of the best children's books ever...The Little Engine that Could... leaning against the wall. Who need motivational speakers when you have that kind of truth so colorfully illustrated.

I purchased this unusual lantern from Castle in the Air

And these lovely lanterns are from the Crown and Crumpet's fabulous little boutique.

I love vintage toys. This cute metal carousel was a gift from my sister in law

The file cabinet plays host to an awesome hand painted umbrella that I found while antiquing in Phoenix this past wintertime. The stained glass window panel was a Christmas gift from my mom, brought back from an artisan shop in Mexico.

And the bookcase to hold office supplies and essentials (yes I actually have work in this place). The record player is great for impromptu dancing. It helps to put on some disco midweek to shake off a bad day!

I get lots of smiles from people who walk into my office. As my program serves clients who are over 50 years old, it's great to see their faces light up when they recognize the linens that their mom had.

We spend so much time in our workplaces that I think it's essential to make them as comfortable as you can. My job in particular, can be very stressful and emotion filled (I coordinate a cancer screening program). So having a warm and welcoming office (complete with the record player) helps me get through the hard parts of the day, when I'd rather be up in my studio, making dancing cats out clay.

Happy July everyone!


snippetgirl said...

Everything you touch is special!! Your office is whimsically wonderful, and i am SURE it brighten's everyone's day.

Thanks for sharing and just continue to dream about your time working on those dancing cats!

Have a lovely day~~

Jemjoop said...

What a beautiful office, those vintage linens are something else. So pretty. Love everything.

vivian said...

Im right with you about our office spaces being bright and cheerful. I feel like if I have to be there every day, I need to feel like I'm at home! maybe one of these days I'll post pictures of mine!
have a great 4th of july weekend!

Michelle said...

I hope if I ever have to face a major life challenge I get to go into an office like yours!

blushing rose said...

How lovely a space. Love your creations ... TTFN ~Marydon

Siddhartha said...

Beautiful office you have - well decorated.

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You’ve done a great job redecorating your office.

Sue said...

Bless your is so nice you can add some cheer to a situation that can be so unpleasant for your clients! I bet they feel right at home working with you after seeing your work space. I love how cheerful and cozy it is!

sara said...

Cute! Love the paper lanterns!

Volunteer India said...

I rarely see an office that looks so colorful and cheerful just like yours! You have a great taste in decorating. Very impressive!