Friday, December 12, 2008

The dreaded pink slip....

... made it's arrival on Tuesday for me and 7 of my co-workers. I don't like to get too personal on my blog, but I thought I owed some explanation to my frequent and long absences here lately. Work has been very stressful for quite awhile now, and I have been doing my best to balance it, along with family commitments and to spare some time for pixie making too.
So for most of us, and for me, work is a love/hate relationship. As far as my layoff goes, I saw it coming, and in many ways, it was a relief, but emotional I am, and therefore, this week has not been without much sadness and tears as I said goodbye to beloved coworkers and a program I gave 110% to. I did my best, I gave it my all, and my job was still lost. It hurts a bit, so I am adjusting still. Please bear with me as I take a wee bit of a blogging break.

Thankfully, and I am so grateful, that I was offered a new job at a different organization which I plan start in the new year. I did a lot of soul searching before accepting the offer as it will require a bit of modifying (and an added 1 and 1/2 hour daily commute) to my schedule. I really need to clear my head over the next couple of weeks before jumping in full footed.

In happier news....I am busily working away on the winner's snowpixies, and will make a few more to add to my Lollishops. Also: Look for the lovelies pictured above (available on Monday in my Lollishop) in the Somerset Life ad coming out this month (whoops! ad coming out in the Spring issue!) to subscribers, next month on the newsstands.

I know a few weeks back I had promised some tutorials, and I will indeed deliver on that as soon as I can motivate myself to photograph and describe some of my creative process. In the meanwhile, Below is a list of some tutorials on other blogs that I have found to be wonderfully inspiring. Go check 'em out!

Make a Lovely Vintage Holiday Corsage with Elizabeth Holcombe

A Cottage Industry's Joy to The World!

A Multitude of Cute Tutorials at Glitterville TV

Make a Garland Wrapped Letter at Thrifty Decor Chic

Snowy Day Gifts your kids can make on Activity TV

Thanks so much for your patience with me at this time in my life where I seem to be at a sort of "crossroads". Again, I am so very grateful for the love and support I receive from you via comments and emails. I'll pick myself up out of this slump soon. I am so blessed by all of you.

Edited to add: Spooky Time Jingles Updates tonight! Go check all the wonderful handmade goodness by clicking here !


Heidi said...

So sorry to hear about your pink slip. I can speak for myself and I'm sure a whole lot of others when I say it happens to the best of us.

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Blah! These kinds of changes are so hard and gut wrenching. But I hope this will be a good thing for you, in the long run, and soon you can look back on this time as just a bridge to better times. I am so sorry! We are going through this with my hubby's job now. Tan

Anonymous said...

Awe...I am so sorry to hear that you are one of the ones getting a pink slip along with so many others in our nation right now. It is a scary time out there. I am sure that you are greatful to have a new job so quickly. I know so many people in our area searching, searching for a job. I live near Detroit where hundreds are loosing jobs.
It is good to hear a good story ending with a job.
Blessings as you make this transition.

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Thanks for linking my corsage tutorial :) My very best to you in the new year and new job!~~~XXOO, Beth

Maija said...

Crap- I'm so sorry you got cut!
I opened up all my Chrsitmas goodies from last year. Looking at the 2 Pixie Santas I got from you last year made me so happy!! I absolutely adore them!
Enjoy your "time off" as the New Year will bringing some change for you.

Michelle said...

Yuck! So sorry you are having a yucky time in the job world. Wonderful that you found a new one though, time to check into books on tape for that commute though! That is what my hubby does. Seems to make it a bit better. Hope it is a really good thing and you get to enjoy your holiday!

Lori said...

Jenny, i am sorry to hear about your pink slip...the hospital where i work is in some financial trouble...our mother hospital downtown is threatening to cut us loose if we can't keep our census what happened to you is something i have been worrying about for weeks...i don't want to loose my job there, it is a mile from my home and SO convenient...i am NOT about the commute...i hope everything works out for you...congrats on being published...i DO love your birdie cake toppers!!!

Victorian Lady said...

Awww...Jenny...I'm sorry for you as you close that chapter, but happy for you too that your new one is starting so soon! :)

I've been through a "your job is in limbo" time...they put us all on unpaid leave 4 days before Christmas. 6 weeks later, they kept 30 of us, which was good until that June when they just stopped paying us all together and asked us to work for free. Um, no. I was 6 months pregnant with Lil too.

Just like all things do, though, everything worked out, and so it will for you. :) BEST of luck to you, now and always! :)

Unknown said...

Oh...I am so sorry for your yucky news. I hope the new year brings many blessings. Enjoy your short break with your family! Email if you need anything ;) Hugs, Jackie

Marie Patterson Studio said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles.
I'm having a gift give away, so if you have time, check it out!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about that dreaded pink slip. At least you were offered another job after the first of the year...a little holiday break for you...may it be restful and full of holiday fun. My little Santa makes me smile every time I see are a talented gal!

Glimpse of My World said...

Think of the pink slip as a new beginning.. I know it is hard... as I have been with the largest telcom company in the world and just witnessed 6 of my co-workers get surplused. I as well kept my job but in a different organization, with an hour longer commute, hard to give up on 18 years. My grandmother - use to tell me.. "HONEY, in the midst of a storm, remain calm, these rough waters will soon flow smoothly again!" (blessings to you Grandma Mary!)

Wishing you big hugs and so glad I ran across your blog today... I am not the only one in this ship with hard times!!

Merry Christmas... 2009 is your year!!

vivian said...

hi Jenny, sorry to hear about your job. Its out there with people losing so many jobs right now. I'm so happy for you that you were able to secure another one so quickly! Not everyone will be so lucky. My hubbys not working right now.. eiy yie yie!! Im very grateful for my job. even thought somedays I wonder what ever made me go into this field!
well, have a sweet week! I hope your are blessed and enjoy the rest of this holiday season!!

Sherry said...

Sorry to hear of your lay off but glad to hear you have been offered another position. So many people are losing their jobs right now, it's just a scary/sad time. Hang in there!

Our Hands For Hope said...

I am sorry to hear about the pink slip. I'll pray that the Lord give you comfort and peace through this holiday season. May he bring to you the joy you bring to others through your amazing artwork!

Marie Rayner said...

So sorry to hear about your Pink slip Jenny. Why do these types of things always happen at this time of year. What a way to wish a valued employee a Merry Christmas. I am glad to hear though that you have a new job lined up already. Sending big hugs, Happy Christmas Wishes and lots of love across the sea. All will be well.

Chicken Lips said...

Jenny - despite the nasty pink slip, I just know wonderful things are coming your way! It's gonna be a great 2009 - let's hope!!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm so sorry Jenny! I hope the new job exceeds your expectations and is just what is right for you in the end.