Thursday, June 12, 2008

More for your crafty listening pleasure...

A few weeks back I shared with you some links to my favorite Crafty Podcasts: Craft Sanity, Crafty Pod, and Craft Cast. For those of you that like to have something great to listen to while you craft and create, or commute (I love listening when I am housecleaning too)... I have few more great suggestions for your listening pleasure. Not all of these have an art and craft focus, some I suggest here are for entrepreneurial minded folks, some offer helpful tips for corralling domestic duties, and some are for unabashed entertainment.

Indie Biz Chicks- Great business oriented podcast that caters to us crafty girls. She shares some wonderful tips for those of us creating our blissful businesses

Crafter Cast- Another crafty podcast that shares the host's personal crafting experience and favorite Etsy finds

Polymer Clay Productions- Both a podcast and an internet video show, this pair of talented polymer clay artisans teamed up after meeting on Etsy to put this awesome project together. And they recently interviewed the editor of Artful Blogging! You can find that particular interview here. As you know, I work primarily in paper clay and papier mache, but honed my sculpting skills in Fimo, and I will always love the polymer clay medium.

Craft, Rock, Love- If you are familiar with the DIY channnel's "Knitty Gritty" show, you'll recognize the host of this podcast. Although I am not a knitter, I have found many of these podcasts to be both inspiring and applicable to my hobby of choice.

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Podcast- Yep! The wonderful magazine that so many of us love has a podcast! For each recent issue, there are about four or five recorded interviews with the artists and designers that were featured in that issue. Very cool.

The Household Helper- Several great shows to motivate the disorganized amongst us!

FreezerSmarts- This is a new one for me. I have only listened to a few podcasts, but I have been considering experimenting with a modified OAMC plan (Once a month cooking plan), especially with the craft show season coming up. So far I have found this podcast to be very encouraging and the website has some cool recipes. :-) FREE Audiobooks!!! Readers volunteer by reading classics that are available in the public domain. I recently downloaded one of my favorite Lucy Maud Montgomery books. All the Jane Austen's are there too! And the Bronte's! Somehow housework doesn't seem so much like drudgery when one is swept away into the 19th century English Countryside via my MP3 player! Next on my list is the Henry James Classic...Washington Square.

The Official Lost Podcast: For those amongst us are already suffering withdrawals and marking the days until the new season returns next year. This podcast is lead by the Executive Producers and gives tons of insight to the show.

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack- For the even more hopelessly devoted Lost fans amongst us. This podcast cracks me up. I love it.

How to listen....
All of the podcasts I have listed and linked to above are totally free. When you click on the link, it should take you to the page where you can either listen on the site itself, or it will take you to a link (like Blogtalk Radio) where you can listen, or in some cases it will download to your computer's default media player. If you have an MP3 player, you can download the shows and take it to go. If you have an IPOD, many of these shows are available for direct download through ITUNES, still free :-)

I am always looking for more podcasts to subscribe to. I find they pass the time joyfully when I am doing things like jogging, cleaning house and making the bimonthly 3 hour trip to Phoenix. Again let me know if you have any to recommend. I'll add more to the sidebar (see Podcasts) as I add them to my list. Happy Listening!!! :-)


Marie Rayner said...

Ohh, I love Mary Englebreight! (bet I spelt that wrong!) I miss her magazine over here! Thanks so much for sharing all these goodies!

Dianie said...

Wow! Jenny thanks for all the fun listening :) Hey, I love your Marketplace offerings!!!

Hugs and Happy weekend wishes,

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I'm going to check these podcasts out for those free audio books!!!!!!

Sweet B Folkart said...

THank YOu THank YOU THank YOU - all of these are wonderful! I love to listen to books or bbc when I work - but these make a nice change. Great suggestions.

- Sweet B

Ragged Roses said...

Thank you for all of these, it'll make a change from listening to my radio all day long!

Sadie Lou said...

A whole new world for me to get addicted to--thanks so much!

Saucy said...

No. Way.

I had no idea... crafty podcasts? This is bound to be awesome. Thanks for sharing.

vivian said...

thanks for all the links! now if I just had some extra time to go throught them all! did I tell you how much I love the pieces you did for pfattmarket! they are wonderful! well, I'm off on vacation for a week! stop by my blog when you get a chance!! hugs!

~dani~ said...

hello my talented folky friend!! Come peek at my blog. Sorry I am so slow lately...tail between legs ;)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Podcasts are so neat. My kids have been making their own. Being silly!
Come see me today! (when people say that to me I always think-oh no, I've been tagged!)

Stink Bone Jones said...

THanks for sharing all of these great podcasts. I hope to check some out soon!

Unknown said...

I love listening to podcasts and my computer gets mad at me because they take up so much space and I hate to get rid of them. You should see my collection! Food is definitely a major theme! Now, you have intrigued me enough to check these out, too!

Love what you do here!


Pearl Maple said...

Thank you for sharing all the fun things and links from your blog space. It is amazing the amount of information one can gleem from blogs, pod casts are like having other crafters over to your place to show share all their tricks.