Monday, May 12, 2008


Had to show you my new little mini moo cards, hot off the press....

I am going to be using these in place of business cards and hang tags until they run out. Not sure what else folks use them for. Let me know if you have a great use for them!

I also purchased some postcards. I have been considering putting together a press kit for awhile now and thought these would work for that purpose. I think the Christmas-y type ones would make cute Christmas cards for next year. I may offer them as a set in the Etsy shop once we get closer to the holidays.

Marketing and the business end of my artistic endeavors is a true challenge for me. I have a couple of books on the subject, but I think the biggest barrier for me is lack of confidence. It took me a really long time to get the gumption for blogging. The always wonderful Jenny from Everyday is A Holiday gave me so much encouragement to start blogging, I will always be grateful to her.

So what got you started blogging? Does it come naturally to you or are you like me, staring at your keyboard and reworking your post 10 times over? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
Happy Monday and ((((hugs)))))- Jenny


Unknown said...

Your cards are wonderful! I def think you should sell them as Christmas cards, etc. They are way too sweet! I didn't even know what blogging was until a few months ago. I got started because I saw so many people with the same interests as me. My friends at home are great, but they never seem to understand that I'm running a "real" business and that I do so much more than just play with crafts all day. I love getting feedback here and seeing what other artists are up to. It's so inspiring (and like the best magazine ever!!!) I really enjoy visiting yours. It's such a happy place and the faces on your creations are the sweetest!! Hopefully one day I can start buying things that I find here (and Etsy). It's a great networking tool too! And as far as writing my blog, I guess I just write how I would talk if you were sitting right across from me. Maybe that's why my posts can get so long. I never stop talking!!! ha ha!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

Your cards turned out so cute! I love them. I too am struggling with the whole 'business' end of my creative dream. I have a really hard time wrapping my head around that side of it. So I am glad I started bloggin because I can communicate with people that have gone through similar things with their own creative ventures. My sister at Thrifty Goodness is the one that got me started but I still haven't fully grasped the whole thing so I can't quite get more than one or two posts out per week.

I do really like the cards, they are super cute!

Victoria said...

these are wonderful!! I love the postcard for christmas idea - darling!!


Cheryl said...

Great cards and postcards. On the blogging thing....That silly lil Doe - (that's her blog name) my friend Doe got me started. I read her blog for about a month and then took the plunge. I never had used the computer much and the picture thing totally threw me for quite a while, but with her help and my daughters help I forged ahead! In the beginning I struggled with the writing, worrying if what I was writing was even interesting, but now I just write what comes to me. I really have enjoyed all the friendly and encouraging people on the blogs! I love seeing what everyone is working on. So many talented people.

Jessi Nagy said...

hey cute girl!!
i love your moo cards, i would love to swap with you!
i have so many of my blogging friends cards. i love them!!
let me know

Vallen said...

I started blogging so I could start swapping but found that writing posts came more easily than i ever anticipated.
I love your cards - and anyone would be thrilled to see those tags on their purchase.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Lalallalllalaaa I went shopping for Jenny today! Just got back and there you were :)
Your moo cards are precious!!!!! I hadn't heard those cards mentioned in awhile.
BLogging is the best that is all I can say...oh yeah I stare at the screen all. the. time. I gotta get your address...

Dianie said...

Your cards are precious!
Jenny, I would have always thought blogging came natural to you! you have a very fun & exciting Blog.
I too, was scared to death of blogging, I'm even scared to leave comments,Lol. I do like it though..:)


~dani~ said...

Moo is great. The postcards are great too!! I can't wait to get the Liberty Girl and maybe a moo card too!!! hint,

Marie Rayner said...

I love your cards Jenny! I've got mini moo cards too! But like you I don't know what to use them for. Mine have pictures of food on them. (what else!) I love blogging myself. It's a way to validate my feelings about things and I really enjoy the feedback I get from others. So far I've been really lucky and none of it has been negative, but I know that one day there is the possibility that I will get negative comments and I dread it! I love visiting your page. I was attracted first because of the name and I love polka dots, and then I keep coming back because I love the spirit that I feel here and I adore your work! XXOO

Lori said...

your moo cards are adorable!!! i started blogging to connect with people who have the same interests as me and love the things that i do...i don't agonize over my post, i just put down what i have to say and then click publish...

Holly said...

I started blogging my freshman year of college as a way to keep in touch with friends from home. My blogging sure has evolved, but it still reflects who I am as a person. My posts are about anything really, school, family, work, life, treasures I find antiquing, things I've made, etc. I think the most important thing is to remember to put as much of yourself in your blog as you can.

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful moo cards - I love them! They'd be great for Christmas. As for blogging, I started reading everybody else's and just wanted to join in. Sometimes the posts are easy to write and sometimes I just give up! Feeling a bit like that now!

Sweet B Folkart said...

Your cards are really cute - From reading the other posts, I get the feeling you will have no problem selling the postcards!
I ran a large event decorating business and retail store for a long time, it was always tough to spend time on marketing but it does pay off, and there are TONS of really cheap ways to market. I am really new to blogging and have a really hard time getting "personal", I depend on my work to express myself and need to open up a little. There is a new magazine out by Somerset Studio - it is called "Artful Blogging" if you can't get a copy of it, let me know and I will send you one.

Sweet B

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

I adore your moos and today i recieved my giveaway books thankyou
there is hope for my craft room now with the organizing your craftspace book lol
i love both books and the bookmark too,thanks again im very lucky.

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Forgot to say i got them on my Birthday so it was doubly nice.

. said...

love those moo cards. really versatile and yours are adorable!

noodle and lou said...

Jenny, the moo cards came out soooo cute! You should absolutely sell postcard sets...they are adorable! I started blogging (hate that word so much...don't you!!?? Soooo blah sounding!) to connect with other artists and etsy sellers and I've enjoyed every moment!! I just wish I had more time to visit everyone;)


Rebecca said...

As always, too cute! Hope you are well. Still thinking of coming to NYC? :) :)

Danita said...

For me is more like "no, i don't think anybody will be interested in that".. and I'll delete it... then something else happens and I'll try to blog it and same thing happens until I say ok, enough. If they're reading it is because they're interested. And then I'll post it.

By the way.. I love all your stuff!

vivian said...

Hi Jenn! I love those moo cards! they're adorable. I have to say I agree with you that marketing is the hardest part of selling our artwork! I have a business called Always RememBEAR, making memory bears, but its all by word of mouth. Which usually keeps me busy. I often think about how I could run it like a "real" business, but have no clue!! its pricing that is so difficult for me! oh well
hugs and have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love your moo cards. I know how you feel about marketing your work. It's is such a balance. You have such talent as a friend told me recently "don't sell yourself short" Anything is possible.
I started blogging after seeing Alicia Paulson's blog posiegetscozy. I was hooked, she was so much like me art/craft/cooking I had to try it. I am so glad I did. I am glad to have found your site today too.

kari and kijsa said...

Just checked out their site from Ellenay Designs! Fabulus!! We have bookmarked for some fun!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

kari & kijsa

Nicole said...

Goodness, those cards are too cute.

I got started blogging at the end of a year-long hiatus that we took in the SF Bay Area. We were gearing up to move back to AZ, and I had all these crazy emotions roiling around inside and nowhere to put them. The rest, as they say, is history.


I love your cards!! Lack of confidence is something that I read too--WHY??? You were one of the first people that I found when I started doing paper clay figures a little over a year ago..and your talent AMAZES me!!! You are so wonderfully GOOD at what you do!!! I have always loved your art, and you need to have all the confidence in the world!!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Love the cards. My vote is that you give them a whirl this Christmas. They will also make a great promotional piece for your little papier mache creations!!
(I've found it true also that it is always a challenge trying to find time to market the things we create.)

Happy Monday, happy creating~

Victorian Lady said...

Adorable! Everything is so whimsical! :) Hope things are well with you! :)


P.S. Here is got up to 113 today! :(

Anonymous said...

Your art sure looks wonderful on those cards. I started blogging to meet other people with similar interests. I had been a "lurker" for such a long time. I enjoy posting and getting comments (altho they are few and far between...I know it takes awhile to build up an audience). I also hope someday to start up on ETSY and sell some of my crafts there rather than just the 5 or 6 shows I do during the holidays. I am also always inspired by what others are is a great little world to visit!

Mel said...

(found your blog via Inspireco)

I love Moo cards! I'm waiting on my third box. I use them as business cards and as tags for products and swaps.

I've been blogging since sometime in 2003, but at first it was just a way to keep in touch with friends. After I learned to knit it evolved into a combo craft/personal blog.