Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sorry not have posted these lovely items as promised yesterday. I have been hit with a whammy of a cold, so I am just popping in real quick today to post these pics. Then its back to rest with the chicken soup and hot tea.

Imagine a thirty- something red headed woman jumping ecstatically up and down at her mail box in the snow when the beautiful hand made creations below were received this week. Firstly, from from the talented hands of Sandra Evertson (wonderful little Egglet below) ...
and Sadie Lou (the best Valentine banner ever!).
Both inspirational pieces will have places of honor in my little studio year round.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Now it's back to bed for me!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vintage Goodies!

Okay, so not all of the goodies you see below are actually from the Flea Market.. some were picked up from eBay and one was a Christmas gift tucked away for months from my wonderfully sweet mother in law.

First, quilt experts out there... can you help me "date" the age of this glorious minty green quilt. I think it's pattern is "Wedding Ring"? (Correct me if I am wrong). I picked up for an unbelievably low price at my favorite antique haunt in Orange California... Country Roads. The fabrics are awesome... lots of dots and feed sack prints. If anyone out there can estimate the age on this beauty, let me know.

Now for another mystery. This, my most favorite Christmas present this year, is a fantastic 1930's looking note pad holder. While taking the picture I accidentally covered up the words with the notepad that say "Don't Forget". On the bottom of this wooden holder is a sticker that says " 'Our Mark', " Vasen Mfg, Dewitt Iowa". A Google search for Vasen Manufacturing in Dewitt, Iowa turned up nothing. If any of you are familiar with this maker, let me know.

This gorgeous hand crocheted tablecloth was picked up at the Long Beach Flea Market, and to my utter delight it fitted my dining room table to a "t". We'll keep it on display through the winter.

Another fun flea market find is this goofy head vase, (hey, let's give him a name)... one of those things you come across and have to buy for no good reason. Quite the dapper fellow (polka dot tie even), he looks surprised to be here....

I am a Salt and Pepper Shaker collector, but focus primarily on anthropomorphic S &P's . The adorable grapefruit and pepper head S & P's pictured below were eBay finds. I have been hankering after the set on the left for a long time... a few years ago I found a single from the same set in an antique store, but forgo it due to the price (thought it was a bit steep for the angry little grapefruit man all by his lonesome). I regretted not buying it because I never found a salt shaker like him until lo and behold... the pair showed up on eBay. How I love thee, eBay!

And while they aren't anthropomorphic fruit and veggie heads, I couldn't resist this sweet little bird S & P shaker set when I came across them at the Long Beach Market. The price was right too!

Speaking of birds, check out this awesome valentine picked up on eBay for a few bucks. Hmmmm these birds look familiar.....

More on the bird front, a shabby old cuckoo clock, again from the Long Beach flea market. It's missing numerals, it doesn't quite work, but look at that cute lil' blue bird peeking out up there. I am going to take this to a professional to see if we can get it working. Any clock experts out there? I think this one might be a "Keebler?'

And speaking of shabby... how deliciously pink are these vintage bottle brush wreaths from the flea market?! I am definitely going to use these in my Christmas designs for next year. Stay tuned!

Finally on the vintage front, I fell in love with these yummy linens picked up for less than a buck or two each at one of those wonderful market stalls where nothing is even out of the box yet, and flea market fanatics are digging with a frenzy...

Most treasured amongst them is this strawberry napkin. I have visions of rickrack and gingham in my head as I plan to incorporate all of those elements (along with the napkin as a centerpiece) into a cute little throw pillow for the studio.

Finally, making my week, my mailman dropped off some awesome goodness from the amazingly talented Sandra Everston and the wonderfully creative Sadie Lou. Check in on Saturday to see. I promise you'll be inspired!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thanks everyone!!!

You guys are wonderful!!! Thanks so much for all the nice compliments are Humpty, and the Love Birds. Just so you know, those guys will be for sale at PFATT beginning January 10th. This little Sweetheart Snowboy will be available also (all three Sold!!! Thank you so very much! :-) ). If you need more photos or have any questions, please send me an email. As usual, blog readers will receive a discount on their purchases.

I have lots of folk/fairy tale and nursery rhyme stuff in the works, as well as a website overhaul coming soon. Thanks so much again for all of your encouragement. Check back in on Thursday for some awesome vintage finds from the flea market!!