Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Snowy Pics and More Flea Market Fun (part 1)!

With so much time passing between posts, I have lots of pictures to share of our snowfall, the blog winners' blue birds, and a recent weekend getaway with the family. I'll let the photos do the talking (well, for the most part.... ) :-)

Snowy Ole' Route 66...

The good thing about Arizona, is that it will snow for a day or so... and then the sun will come out brilliantly.
Icicles on our roof

The Old Grand Canyon Hotel...
Our town's annual Christmas tree...
A wooden replica of the community....
I took these shots of Sedona in the distance as I was commuting down to Phoenix for a work trip. You can see a slight frosting of snow in the red mountains...
This year's house shot. My husband went even more crazy with the lights this year!!!

And now that we were finally blessed with that much needed snow... it was time to take a little road trip...
No trip to California is complete with out a tummy refueling stop at Bob's Big Boy. Isn't he cute... this swell diner chain serves up some fantastic pies. If you are ever on the west coast you need to stop in for a bite!
Most of our weekend days were spent with the kids in Disneyland, but Sunday morning we snuck in some (but not nearly enough) time at the fabulously awesome Long Beach Collectible and Antique Market!!!
Gorgeous vintage frocks.... Charming little Santas...
Too many good things to that I see these pics, I am regretting not spending more time hovering over the detail in those carved wood chairs!!!
Ooooohhhhh! Jadeite!!!!!
My husband was just peeking over my shoulder as I typed this and exclaimed " We should have bought that hamburger press!!!"
This was fantastic show!!! The weather was gorgeous (sunny and warm),the dealers were friendly and ready to bargain ,and we even found some great vintage pieces at reasonable prices. My only complaint is that we didn't have enough time to see everything!
For the last bit of this post I'd love to share pics of the finished bluebirds that were sent out the blog giveaway winners.
Both blue birds decided that they needed to be gussied up a bit for the winter season, so in addition to the customary paper collars and hats, these sweet little babies were outfitted with a little extra sparkle and millinery flowers.
They left the nest here on Tuesday, so I hope they reach their destination by Christmas! And I hope you like them ladies :-)
I'll be back next week with some flea market find pics!:-)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday evening musings, this month's PFATT offerings and it's SNOWING!!!

Wooo-hooo! Outside of my window right now, lovely snowy flakes are falling from the sky and frosting the whole town with fluffy cold goodness! Having grown up in the desert, snow is like a gift to my husband and me. We love it! Thanks for all those positive snow vibes you sent our way :-)!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday night. Tonight I am fixing Paula Deen's mac and cheese and we will warm up with mugs of peppermint hot cocoa for dessert.
Do you cling to every minute of a Sunday night, savoring home joys and weekend freedom, distancing yourself from the work week ahead, or rather, the accompanying stress?
For those of you in blogland that have been able to pursue your creative passions full time , I'd love to hear your story. Full time pixie making is a goal I have set for myself in the future, and while I do have many books on the subject, there's nothing more inspiring than to hear directly from the from people who are living their dreams.

And speaking of dreams.... there will be visions of sugar plum pixies, a sugary winter pixie and a believing flying Santa, all available beginning Dec 10 on my PFATT page

"The Sugar Plum Pixie"

"The Winter Dreams Pixie"

"Flying Santa Baby"

This month I am doing a 15% off for blog readers and/or email subscribers, so please be sure to let me know that the discount applies to you when you order .

I'll be back in a few days with some pictures of my hometown all covered in snow!!! :-)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bluebird Winners!!!!

I love a giveaway!!! Whenever I do one, I copy the names of all who left comments on the giveaway post, paste them into a word document, print the list out, and cut each name into even strips . This time, we literally put the names in a hat, and had my daughter shuffle them all.
I am really in the Christmas mood today and I love making these blue birds so I decided to have my daughter pull 2 names from the hat today instead of one... and the first winner is Sandra Everston !!!!
Next came more shuffling.....

And the 2nd winner is.....

Congratulations and thanks again to everyone who participated in the drawing. For the winners, email me with info as to what color hat and collar you'd like your custom bluebird to have. I will have them ready for you in two weeks time. :-)
Happy Monday everybody and thanks again!!!

Bluebird update....

We had a doozie of a winter storm this weekend, and wound up having guests stay over until road travel became safer, so I wasn't able to pull names as planned on Friday. Despite all our positive thinking, it was all just rain, ice and snow yet. But we are looking for more moisture soon!!!
Names for the bluebird giveaway will be pulled tonight once my daughter gets home from school. Check back at around 6pm (pacific time) to find out who the winner is! :-)