Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. If you have a loved one whom has served or is serving in the military, thank you so very for his or her service and sacrifice.

Thanks again everyone for all of your comments regarding Lori's fairy. Lori, I meant to ship her out today, but got behind in my day catching up with work stuff after a long holiday weekend, so I promise she'll be headed straight to the post office first thing in the morning. And I'll ship her Priority so she gets to her new home in a hurry! :-)
No new pics of fairies today thanks to my camera issues (and terrible photography skills). I am going to recharge my camera ( and myself for that matter) tonight and try to take some better photos tommorrow!
I had expected to post some pics of a few finished fairies yesterday but we got distracted by a little movie you may have heard of.... Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End. Whew! The title is almost as long as the movie's 2 hour and 40 minute run time. But still, not quite as long as the line we had to stand in to get into the theater. Thank goodness for the nearby bookstore and the tantalizing issue of Somerset Life that I picked up to read in line. As for the movie itself, I found many scenes in to be visually enchanting, but also, in some scenes, quite horrific. It was more violent then I remember of it's predecessors'. What movies did you see this weekend, if any?
My favorite movies are ones made before 1950. I love the fashion and dialogue and the way actors could covey passion fully clothed. And the hats! Why don't men still wear hats?! Nothing to me, is more attractive than a gentleman with a jaunty derby pulled just at the right angle... like Gary Cooper here...

Okay, well, that is a cowboy hat. But Gary Cooper could have worn a soup pot on his head and still managed to make it look good. My Nana used to sigh over movie starts like Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart. She called them "SAH" men ( something about him.....) As I have mentioned before in this blog, I enjoyed nothing better than a night at Nana's watching old movies, sighing over her favorite movie stars.

Some of my favorite old movies....
Stella Dallas... if this movie doesn't make you cry... I am a blubbering fool at the closing scene every time. I love Barbara Stanwyck. She was the most fantastic Actress.

To Each His Own. Another tear jerker. Stock up on the Kleenex.

All About Eve... a gem of a movie. Bette Davis at her best, and most vulnerable.

The Philadelphia Story... Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant!... sigh

Rebbecca... I have three words for you... Sir Laurence Olivier....based upon Daphne du Maurier’s page devouring mystery. Almost as good as the book.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington... Jimmy again, directed my favorite, Frank Capra.

I could go on and on. But I need to go to bed! Hope to be back tomorrow with some new fairy pics :-)


Anonymous said...

Will look forward to some fairy pictures tommorrow. I am going to be picking up some craft supplies like little styrafoam balls and some paper clay when I go home in a few weeks as well as some paints! I LOVE old movies. I should have been born 50 years before I was, but then I'd be dead now, so maybe not...but I do love old movies. My favourite all time movie is a film called My Vines Have Tender Grapes, which stars Edward G Robinson in a totally different role, that as a father and a farmer in the midwest just before WW2 and Agnes Moorehead as his wife, Margaret O'Brien as his little girl. I could watch it over and over again. I think these films take us back to a simpler time when people had strong valuesand simple needs. Maybe we look back with rose coloured glasses,but it seemed like a much better place to be than our world is today. Sleep well, I can't wait to see the new fairies!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh I'm ashamed of myself! I know I'd love those old movies but have never taken the time to watch them! I think Olivia de Haviland was so pretty. I did watch Shirley Temple ones when I was little.I have a bunch of old photos of her I collected a long time ago and they are decorating my walk in closet!

Lori said...

Jenny, thank you for your kind comments to me~i needed a little pick~me~up this am as current projects are giving me fits *sigh*. i love old movies too, my favs are: gone with the wind, nnorth by northwest and to catch a thief. my fairy looks very much worth a little wait so no worries!!

Daisy said...

It had to be "The Titfield Thunderbolt" again for me this weekend plus, "The lavender Hill Mob", "Whiskey Galore" and "Passport to Pimlico". Yup, my "home for the weekend" son and I had a black and white film orgy while we gossiped.
Talking of Son, (and in reference to your "Men in Hats") I guess I shall have compose a post with photographic eveidence of his ever growing and constantly worn hat collection...Leather country hat, Gaucho hat, Flat cap, 40's Trilby, (add to that 20's and 30's ones too!!) Top hat, Napolionic uniform hats........and on and on. I wish when I was at college I'd met fellas individual enough to walk around in a Napolonic officers cape , jeans, millitary boots, and a top hat!!! Maybee he rather takes after his mother too much and the description is not individual, but eccentric bordering on raving bonkers!! xx

TK Angels said...

I love to watch old movies. Such class. The dramatic music is also a hoot. Barbara Stanwyck was beautiful and ahh Cary Cooper.

When we were young and visiting our relatives in New York-(on the plane) my mom was going crazy because Hugh O'Brian (TV Wyatt Earp)was on the plan.

I was 10 who cared? Your old movies just reminded me of this "OLD" memory.

Take care,

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Can't wait to see some moe fairies, Lori's is perfect!
Didn't people just seem so much more glamourous back then? The shiny hair, the fancy clothes, the men in hats...