Saturday, April 28, 2007

I <3 Seattle and a fun giveaway

First, an announcement... My sweet friend Jenny of Everyday is a Holidaywas kind enough to tag me with the Thinking Blogger Award! Now it's my turn to tag 5 others, and in turn, those 5 should tag 5 and so on a so forth. Because I have been gone so long, please forgive me if you have already been tagged and I missed it. I'd like to tag everyone listed in my links list,actually. But since that is not part of the rules, I'll have to take a few days to pick only 5!

Ahhhhhhh...... lovely Seattle!!!!!!!First of all, I am a great big dork for forgetting to take my camera with me, so I don't have any original pictures to share, but I did borrow some from the and websites.

Our trip started early on a Friday morning with a 2 1/2 hour plane ride from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix to SeaTac Airport in Washington. Flying over Mt. Rainier was amazing. It looked like a giant chocolate cake, iced with powered sugar (image below from National Forest Service website).

To our incredible good fortune, we landed at 10:30am in a sunny, blue-skied Seattle morning. The "emerald" city was truly shining in dozens of shades of glorious greens.

After orienting ourselves armed with maps and a rental car, we made our way to West Seattle to catch the ferry to Vashon Island, where one of my dearest friends lives. The ferry ride was so much fun, and seeing a good friend after missing her for 9 months was the icing on the cake. Shortly after our arrival at her home on the island, we made our way down a leafy forest path to a local beach to take in views of Puget Sound.

The next day, my husband slept in, and my friend’s sweet husband offered to watch the kids so that she and I could while away the day exploring the island's treasure shops and the lighthouse. I came away with some cool vintage goodies including these framed gems from the 1930's. Perfect for a romantic boudoir.

I also couldn't resist these little ornaments below found at the island thrift shop... I have no idea what to do with them but I had to have them anyway! Suggestions anyone?

The next day was spent in Seattle with my husband taking in the music lover’s paradise that is The Experience Music Project . I don't think that I have ever shared how talented of a musician my husband is. He plays piano, guitar and drums. So he was really in heaven wandering through the Jimi Hendrix exhibit and everything else this fantastic museum had to offer. We didn't leave till closing time. That night, we caught a movie downtown before catching the last ferry back to the island.

On Monday, we were again blessed with abundant sunshine, so before catching the plane home, we had to check out the famous Pike's Place market. It was beyond fantastic. This is place farmers, artists, flower growers, and fish throwers all come together to peddle their wares to locals and tourists alike. I couldn't believe the gorgeousness of the tulips offered at the flower marts and how good all the food I sampled tasted. I really fell in love with it and can't wait to go back!!! I really encourage anyone, especially my creative fellow bloggers, to put Seattle on their MUST visit list.

And now for the giveaway!!!!!

I had hoped to have a completed fairy to offer up as a giveaway, but haven't been able to finish one in time. So as a fun alternative, my giveaway will be to offer to create a custom fairy for the winning commenter on this blog post. I’ll do the drawing a week from Monday. The winner can specify exactly how they want their finished fairy to look in terms of hair and eye color, and the what the word on the transport box will be.... wish, hope, dream, imagine.... anything that will fit a small box. The winner also gets to choose the style. Detachable wings and hat (as seen below) or permanent( as seen above)? Butterfly style, Mary Jane's, or elfish stocking feet? I can also work around color schemes to create a fairy of your dreams.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I am big believer in honoring people on their special day, so if you would please, when you leave your comment, post your birth date so that I can send you good wishes when your day rolls around. :-)


Anonymous said...

wow it looks like you had a great time in seattle!! happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my bday is july 1st and i will be 33 !
I want one of your fairies - oh pick me please-lol!
take care !

Theresa N. said...

Thank you for the pictures of Seattle, I've always wanted to visit. Your fairys are beautiful!

Michelle said...

I think my heart actually stopped when I saw you were giving away a FAIRY!!!! Oh my goodness we would give her such a good home! As to when my birthday is, it would be whenever such a beautiful creature arrived at my house! Although the official day is Oct 25 and I will be 36, that is so unbelievable to me, how did it happen? Thanks you so much for your lovely blog, we believe in fairies at our house!

Sam I Am said...

Looks like you had a super trip!!!!!! (im hungry for cake now) lol
love your giveaway idea... i need to do one too soon...cuz my one yr. anni will be coming up for my blog..

Claire said...

What a super fun trip! Luckeee!

And that is the BEST idea for a giveaway EVER!! If I get picked I know just what I'd have you do. crossing my fingers over here!!

Clare and Mike said...

Seattle looks like a fantastic place and glad you had a wonderful time.

Your fairy creations are so magical looking by the way!

My birthday is 8th Dec by the way!

Tammy said...

What a wonderful trip you had!
And how generous of you on the faerie prize!!
Please enter me in your drawing.
My birthday is not far...May 11!

Anonymous said...

I am up for that. I still need one of your fairies, even if I don't win. I will still need one anyways. I am also having a give awy. drop by and tell me a dollie story!!!


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Seattle looks sensational!! Its always been on my "places I'd like to go" list :D Glad you got to have such a great time! Your fairies are breathtaking! Glad to have you back!
My b-day is Dec 28, not for a while :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Seattle and a fantastic Birthday too! Mine is the 13th of August by the way. I have so many pockets in my garden that are just crying out for a fairie's presence...but I'd never put one of your fairies out into my would be mine all mine...I'd have it in my special place all just for me! (Oh I am so greedy, I know!) I'd love to do a giveaway on my journal too,but I dont' know what I'd give.....somehow I don't think a cake would survive the journey!

Danita said...

Pick me! Pick me!!!
You're dolls are beautiful!!! They have magic on them...
PS: Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with your Fairies!! You have such a talent! I am with Mica...It is a Must have for me whether I win or not!

Your trip to Seattle looks fun. My DH travels there quite often and I can't wait to tag along!

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you ate lots of cake and Ice cream too!


Anonymous said...

Polka Dot Pixie,
I am in love with your little dolls. Please let me know where I can purchase one. I can see you had a wonderful birthday, my birthday is still a way aways, August 6. So Happy Birthday to you and all the other commenters whose special day is coming up.

Tracey said...

Oh those little fairies are adorable! I'd be thrilled to win one. I'm glad you had a wonderful day and a fabulous trip. My birthday is July 26. :)

Little ol' Me said...

I live near Seattle...I'm so glad our fair city treated you well! It's beautiful here in the spring, so you came at a wonderful time!

Your fairies are so sweet! I would love to see a little Autumn Fairy - my birthday is November 16th and all four of my children and my hubby also have autumn birthdays!

TK Angels said...

What beautiful pictures of your trip. Thanks for sharing. My birthday is August 26 and I will be "51"!!!!! Old woman I am. I would love to have one of your fairies to display in my angel cabinet. *smile*

Take care,

Lori said...

I would so love to own one of your lovely fairys. And customized?? How thoughtful and sweet.

Lori said...

I would like to add you to my links, do you mind??

Anonymous said...

Seriously!!! Oh my, pretty please with sugar on top and all over my comment pick me!!!
Oct 13 is my lucky day.
Happy creating!

Marianne said...

Wow you are so sweet to offer another fairy! I just LOVE your fairies!!! I haven't been around much lately so I guess I've been missing a lot. Sorry I missed your birthday...hope it was wonderful! Mine is one January 9th :o) I'm crossing my fingers that my name will be drawn this time...did I say that I just LOVE your faires already? I do ;o)


Genevieve said...

Darling Fairies!
Please count me in for your giveaway!!!!
Thank you and Happy May Day!!!!

Anonymous said...

How nice for another chance to win a fairy! My favorite word is "believe" - will that fit on a box? (Just in case I win!)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see you are back! Happy Birthday too! My husband did a google earth quest to see The Jimi Hendrix Exp. He wants to go there some day too! He plays the piano and keyboards and is really talented also. I would love to still swap if you ever have time...I am almost coming up for air! Do you want a doll quilt? What theme? we'll talk...come see my Martha Stewart Craft Pics at my Blog. My birthday is Feb 13, 1961- 46 ugh! come visit! Kim, Calamity

Cara said...

Oh please pick me. I just found your site today. I never even knew I liked fairies until I saw yours. I love, love, love her. I also love the box she's in. Birthday is Dec 11. Beautiful work.
Cara H

Diane Duda said...

Please count me in on this fantastic give-away! Your fairies are so sweet!

Thanks for sharing your Seattle photos. My cousin (crafty mcgee) lives there, but we have never been out to visit her. Someday I hope.

I will be 43(!!!) on Sept. 5.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun fun fun trip!! So great! I love picturing you guys doing all these fun things! I can imagine you four doing something like "Amazing Race" for families! :) Like the Nickelodeon version! :) How cool would that be! : )

Your prints are so so pretty! Where will you be hanging them? Love that style!

Ohhhh my gooooodness!! A custom Fairy!!! NOOWAY!! WOW!! : )
I'd love a chance! How fabulous!! Truly an over the top giveaway!!

My birthday is October 22!
So nice of you to ask! :)

As always a super duper fun post!! Love your blog to bits!

Lots of luv from NJ!
xoxo Jenny

The ornaments are really cute too!

Anonymous said...

OMG I just stumbled across your blog and those fairies are just to die for!!! I just had a look at your previous posts and just fell in love with your little Alice doll. Guess she is either not for sale or already sold!!! I just have to have one come to live with me here in Australia. Happy Birthday by the way. I turned 36 on the 1st May.

Michelle Legler said...

Welcome Back!!!
Seattle is one of my very favorite places....So much Eye Candy!!!!
Sign me up for your drawing!
Oh, and Nov 5
and Happy Belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I've never been to Seattle, I've always wanted to go!

Oh please sign me up for the drawing, my sweet Imagine fairy, Imogene - yes I've named her, needs a friend. :

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh I never said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and tell you mine was March 22nd. The same day as William Shatner. woo woo.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Cute cute fairy!! Put me in :) I was born on antique little girl!

I love your little ornaments...I would have bought them too :)

An Odd Duck said...

Happy Birthday. I'd love to be put in the pot. I think your figures are really awesome.

An Odd Duck said...

Whoops, my birthday is March 5th. :)

Anita said...

Happy Late Birthday! I love your fairies! Absolutely adorable!!

We just recently moved from AZ to the Puget Sound area although we've lived here for 7 yrs before. Seattle is definitely a must see! Love all the water, and a ferry ride is a great experience! Nothing like the fish throwing at Pike Place Market, either.

My b-day is May 17, I'll be 33. Whew, time flies!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your sweet fairies!!
Happy Belated Birthday and
I hope it was fantastic!
How lovely to have a special
My birthday is Jan. 9.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello -- your fairies are just gorgeous! Seattle looks just wonderful too, makes me want to visit! Congratulations on the thinking blogger award too! (My bday is 15th September).
Kim x

G said...

Your fairys are delightful!! Happy belated birthday! Mine is 09/24.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
My b-day is the 27th of this month.

Kari said...

Custom fairy!!! Oh my goodness...what a joy that would be:) Please enter my name in the hat. Thanks much!
bday is 9-20

Susie Q said...

A very happy and sweet belated birthday! May this year be one that is filled with glittery moments to remember and dreams fulfilled...warm hugs, tender smiles and belly laughs.

What a wonderful time in Seattle! I loved that city when we visited...I know you had a great time. Super weather huh!

I have been away for a little bit and am just trying to play catch up! My heart almost, quite literally, stopped when I saw that you had a fairy to give away! Oh what a very lucky person that will be. I have tried and failed to have a winning bid on ebay but will keep at it...some day I shall prevail!! *smile* They are so precious, so magical...

If chosen (I will faint and then cry and then faint again), my birthday is October 26th. I will be a young at heart 51. A dear Autumn fairy would be a delight!

What a generous and creative soul you are.

Have a sweet week...hugs...