Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look what I won..... and I am so blessed

I was so lucky to have won this absolutely sweet doll from the super talented Michelle of Gingham World. Please run over to her fabulous blog and take a peak at all of her wonderful handmade goodness. Not being a very adept sewer myself, I am always impressed by those with awesome sewing talents like Michelle.

I want to say thank you again. I cannot express enough how much our family has blessed by your prayers over the past few weeks. My sweet sister in law is doing well. In fact, the oncologist re-staged the cancer from a stage 3 to a stage 2b. That slight difference in staging has lifted all of our spirits. Chemo starts for her next week, and treatment will be very aggressive, so please do continue to keep her in your prayers, as well as my husband and son, who are having a hard time dealing. I usually don't like to get too personal on my blog, and debated for a long time before I decided to share what's been happening in our family. After receiving so many supportive comments I am really glad that I did.

We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my husband's 37th birthday and his father's 67th! All of the in-laws will be coming up from a broiling hot Phoenix to our wonderfully cool 70 degree weather here in Northern Arizona.

The picture below is of my husband's family at a big birthday celebration for his grandma taken about 10 years ago. Marrying my spouse at the young age of 19, his "familia" has become very much my family as well. You can probably guess which one I am here (polka dot dress may give it away)... only redhead amongst all that gorgeous glossy black hair.

In anticipation of this weekend's family birthday celebration, my kitchen will go from spotless to covered in a giant mess of tomatoes, tortillas and chili peppers as my mother in law prepares her mouth-watering tacos for the birthday celebration. I can't wait to see (and taste!)the evidence of all that overflowing love.

Love and (((hugs))) to all of you too. :-)


michelle said...

I am so glad she got there and you lke her! She looks very happy amid those polka dots. Now if I can just get her witchy sisters in my shop next week I will be doing great! So glad your sister got upgraded, my mom is a 10 year survivor and I know that is a big deal. Don't know if it will help but my mom said ice cubes and bananas left an awful metallic taste in her mouth when she did chemo, she may want to avoid those. My mom still can't eat them! She is in my prayers! Oh, and i was a child bride too-20!

Victorian Lady said...

Oh have fun! :) 70 degrees?! I am SO jealous! I only go outside when I absolutely have to. We've been wanting to come up to go camping, but can't seem to find any available spots.

SO glad to hear about the change in your sister's status! Hugs to her and all of you!


~dani~ said...

Wow, you are a lucky girl!! Great doll!! And, so nice to see your family... thanx for sharing~

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Another child bride here! Look at that beautiful family! Jenny, I'm so glad that your sister in law was upgraded-my thoughts and prayers are with your family. Big hugs to all of you! xo-Mel

PS- What a sweet, sweet doll! Congrats, you!

Lori said...

great family picture...i think i could have picked you out even if you hadn't provided hints...LOL, you look cute:) what a sweet doll you won!!!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Happy BIrthday~~ we are full of them this august too~ I just saw you on the lollipop shops blog and had to see your blog!~ THanks for sharing and can't wait to shop!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Beautiful family picture....thanks for sharing!! And the little doll is so cute!

CCs Whimsies said...

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I want to come for birthday celebration!! I love your newest pieces on Spooky Times!!! Take care and have a happy weekend! Christy

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I could totally love that familia! I have lots of friends who are from Mexico and yes...the comida is sooo good :) So happy to hear your sister in law is doing some better...cover her in polka dots and love!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I love her dolls!!
you are so cute in your pic..look at you :)I married at 18...divorced though :(
Had my kiddos pretty early so I would not change that for the world.
I will contact you soon about my little birdie.

randi said...

Oh- I just discovered your blog (I'm kind of new to blogland) and had to tell you how much I love, love, love your work! You are so fabulously talented!! I've been through every picture (on your site and flickr) just drooling over your adorable creations. I simply must have one sometime...I'll keep watching listings. I'm an artist as well (mostly paintings)- my paper mache work leaves something to be desired I'm afraid...however, you've inspired me to keep at it! Anyway, lovely, lovely sculptures...I'm definitely a fan!! Can I add you to my inspirations and happy places blogroll?
Happy Monday!

Marie said...

What a lovely looking family you have Jenny and I am assuming that gorgeous guy to the left of you in the photo is your husband. What a lovely couple you make! I am so happy to hear that your sister in law's status has been upgraded to a 2 and my prayers continue for her of course. Congrats to you on your wonderful win!!! Lucky you!

vivian said...

oh lucky you! I love michelles dolls. she has done a couple of my doll swaps. I'm glad things are better for your sister. I have a friend going through chemo right now too.
We're throwing her a PINK party soon. Should be lots of fun. pink food, pink clothing.. and boobie prizes!
have a sweet week!

KayEllen said...

Oh my goodness...

It's been way to long...I havn't stopped by to say hi for hello!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Karol said...

Keep praying for her! Sounds like a miracle is already in the works! I'm as white skinned as you/redhead too and married into a Greek family at 19! haha!

Jennifer said...

OOO I hope the celabration was wonderful! & You are a lucky lady, that doll is lovely! Your sister in law is surely in our thoughts!

TAKE CARE!!! xoxo

Sam I Am said...

awwwww...what a sweeeeeet family picture :) :) :)