Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Am also updating my links... let me know what you think :-)


Alexia said...

I think I must give you a long distance hug- thank you for visiting me, and adding my link!

Claire said...

love the adorable banner!

vivian said...

Hi polka dot!! I was so glad to see you had visited my blog site! I havent been getting many visitors as no one really knows I exist out here!
I was just looking at your profile and see you listed benny goodman and all the old crooners!! I love big band and swing music.. listen to it almost everyday in my headphones at work! helps me keep a smile on my face!
anyways, I'm hoping we can link our blogs! I'd love to list you on my whimsical places to visit list! let me know!
and visit me again soon!!

bluemuf said...

Hi Jenny, I really like the new header. I received your parcel today and it is amazing. Thank you. I hope yours comes soon. I will post pictures on my blog on Thursday.

Hugs Karen